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Status Future consideration
Categories Presentations
Created by Max Cascone
Created on Dec 21, 2017

Show feature status in Features roadmap the same as on the board

In the normal features board view, features are ordered based on your preferences and/or manually stacked, and there's presumably a good reason for their position in the column. So it's confusing at best that the Notebook version of that page, when "Show User Story Status" is enabled, has them presented differently and in a different order than in the board view.

Please provide an option to show the same presentation of feature status in the Notebooks as on the regular feature board screen.

    Dec 29, 2017

    Thank you for your idea. The Features roadmap groups features by status and then sorts by rank. We do not currently have plans on our roadmap to change this but we will continue to monitor customer feedback here. 

    In the meantime, if you would like to present the roadmap without the groupings we would recommend using the Features roadmap without status and using a custom pivot or the features board itself to communicate status. 

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