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Created on Dec 15, 2017

Count only one vote per customer or per email domain

Each of our clients has several users with access to our Aha! ideas portal, and they often vote on the same idea.  The idea vote count currently provides a total number of votes, but when we look at the email domains for the users who voted, we see that it's a much smaller number of clients.  Our prioritization is often based on the number of clients that are interested/will benefit from a feature, and we currently have to use external tools to get to that actual number because Aha! doesn't provide the count of interested clients or their names.

    Nov 4, 2022

    This type of reporting is now easy with Organizations in Aha! Ideas Advanced.

    • See a count of how many customer organizations have voted on an idea

    • Quickly open a report to see the list of organizations and analyze further

    • Combine an organization's feedback with CRM-like information — such as company size or industry — to better understand your customers

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  • Yancey Larochelle-Williams
    Mar 4, 2020

    Is there a workaround to this in the interim? Even having this as a calculated column would be fine, just some way to count the number of domains at all.

  • Joe Carpenter
    Oct 4, 2018

    I agree with this, it would be good to be able to see the true number of votes, based on unique domains. This should be able to be handled on the internal view of the Ideas dashboard, much like how you have a Public and Private Comments. Could you provide us with a way to Toggle Total Votes vs Unique Domain Votes?