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Status Future consideration
Categories Voting
Created by Simon Parmet
Created on Dec 13, 2022

Add unique organization vote count to ideas in portal

As a product manager, I'm interested in how many unique organizations voted for ideas rather than how many individuals. I can view this internally in reports, but I want customers to see the organization count next to an idea as well.

A group of 50 customers from the same organization could potentially all vote on the same idea and artificially inflate the vote count. Other users will get a false sense of the most popular idea. When the organization count is shown, this situation would be mitigated. Users ask why questions why we don't implement the #1 voted for idea, when in reality the vote count is inflated.

Individual organizations are more important when selecting ideas to implement.

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  • Beth Baker
    Jan 2, 2024

    We need this ability since we implemented allowing up to 10 votes per idea/contact. It's causing issues for us since we're unable to show our customers the organization count associated with an idea.