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Status Future consideration
Categories Strategy
Created by Project Parker
Created on Nov 2, 2017

Add Competitors, Business Model, Personas and Vision to be terms which can be renamed under 'Terminology'.

Competitors is not hugely relevant for the large areas of the product organisation currently working with. However, being able to re-use competitors and it's charting capability to represent some strategically important to them is. For example, it could be used to emphasise geography penetration, and create a profile per geography and show the level of adoption, maturity for each geography.


Business Model, and allowing it's name to be changed is just a terminology request as opposed to any other additional functionality. Same for Personas and Vision.

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  • Alyssa Menke
    Nov 4, 2022

    How we are using Aha doesn't align with Competitors and we want to be able to repurpose this to fit our needs.

  • Dan Jeffery
    Jul 12, 2022

    Organisations now needs to be added to this list. We would like to be able to re-name this to Customers, which is more relevant to most companies I would imagine.

  • Guest
    Dec 17, 2020

    We are also in need of this, to make the user navigation more meaningful to our environment

  • Karie Kelly
    Nov 17, 2020

    We are needing to be able to update the persona fields - whether it is terminology or add our own fields that we utilize to help in defining the persona and have it aligned with our business sales, product and marketing template terminology

  • Gina Pratico
    Sep 14, 2020

    This would also be helpful for us. We do use the Competitors and Personas and find it very useful but we would also like to have the freedom to add additional areas and update terminology for use with something else (i.e. storing vendor or partner information for our company or research findings as mentioned in another comment ... and much more!)

  • Simon Peters
    Mar 2, 2020

    We would want to use the competitor section as it is for strategic customer positioning...

  • Simon Peters
    Mar 2, 2020

    Any updates on this?

  • Anthony Stramer
    Sep 10, 2019

    This would be really valuable for me as well. Specifically, I'm looking for a good way to represent customer groups. The existing persona functionality would work really well, but without a rename it would potentially add a lot of confusion.

  • Guest
    May 31, 2018

    I can only eccho this feedback. Working with enterprise organizations, "Personas" isn't really accurate for research findings - as we merely cater to business processes for instance. Making these titles editable is of course one option, or a different name such as "Reseach Findings" could be another. Best regards, Malene from Tradeshift 

  • Guest
    Apr 18, 2018

    We would like to be able to clone one of these areas and customize the name, so we aren't limited to one choice - the default (competitors, biz model, personas, vision) or a re-named version..

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Ability to customize "Persona" field terminology

we refer to 'personas' as 'communities' - aligning more terminology will make the tool more relevant
Guest almost 7 years ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Customize Strategy Terminology at the Business Line Level

We'd like to be able to rename Strategic Vision to Strategic Plan.
Guest about 2 years ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration

Customize Names at Third Level Down (e.g. Vision, Business Model, etc.)

This is useful because we all approach product development using different frameworks (e.g. LSU, JTBG, etc.), and need to customize the terminology throughout. Thx
Guest almost 6 years ago in Features 1 Future consideration

Make "Vision" part of the modifiable terminology

I can have a custom term even for "goal" but amazingly enough not for the highly political term "Vision". For us, Vision is reserved for the executive management, but I can make a "strategic claim", and I need have this reflected in the tool
Guest about 5 years ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration

Adding Strategic Positioning to the Terminology section to enable for customization.

Strategic Positioning template is a customizable one which best reflected our Product vision and strategy template.So we are disabling Vision and going to use Positioning , but we are able to rename Positioning to Product Vision which will make se...
Guest over 1 year ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration