Add ability for a user to 'unvote' for an idea, if they have previously 'voted' for it

Sometimes people click when they didn't quite mean to or maybe change their opinion.  Perhaps persuasive comments in the thread or other factors means they change their mind.  However, seems there's no way for a user to undo or 'unvote' for an idea they previously liked(?).

Please could you allow a user to toggle their vote on / off, via a second click?

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  • Oct 27 2017
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  • Oct 27, 2017

    Admin Response

    Thank you for your idea. Once the vote button is clicked, it changes to "Voted." If you then click the button again, the vote will be removed.

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  • Jan Willem Fransen commented
    3 Nov, 2017 08:04am


    Perhapa it was indeed a bit of latancy, i see it working now nicely thanks!


  • Jan Willem Fransen commented
    2 Nov, 2017 10:07pm

    For example, I just clicked on vote (on this idea), but could not unvote afterwards

  • Jan Willem Fransen commented
    2 Nov, 2017 10:05pm


    I was expecting this behaviour. But clicking on the "vote" for a second time does not make it unvote. Is there something else I should be aware off?