Add annotations to release timelines

Timelines for releases change for many reasons;  agreeing to add scope for sales on a deal, more complex, lost resource, etc.  However, w/o an annotation to explain the way then it is difficult for those looking at notebooks to understand the change.  Yes, you can add notes, but people's patience and memory is small to look at the next page.  


Today we take a screen shot of the release timeline, paste in PPT, add an annotation then publish to stakeholders.  Clearly we would prefer to present out of Aha in our monthly PM meetings to Director level stakeholders and quarterly executives, but we don't.

  • kirk sadler
  • Oct 5 2017
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  • kirk sadler commented
    October 05, 2017 14:10

    Glad this got moved to "likely to implement" .  How can we help?  Want to interview us for use case?  We are also happy to be a case study, testimonial, etc. ..