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Status Future consideration
Categories Features
Created by John Gartner-Baca
Created on Nov 9, 2023

Allow for additional fields to be included when drafting release notes

Who would benefit?

Technical Writers and consumers of product release notes

What impact would it make?

It allows us to include additional information beyond just a text summary of new features.

How should it work?

After selecting records to draft release notes, prompt an additional screen where we can select other fields on those records that we want to be included in the release notes. It could look similar to when building reports and selecting the records and fields. One use case for us is that I would want to include the Aha! record number or the Jira key number next to the AI-generated description of the feature. Adding that will help the Technical Writing team when reviewing the auto-generated release notes by quickly allowing us to find the exact record that the content was written from. End users of the release notes also benefit by being able to link the summary in the release notes back to our internal systems. This is especially helpful if they have been tracking a specific feature and the internal system shows one summary but the release notes contains a variation of that text.

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