Map Aha! products to Jira components

Allow the mapping of Products in Aha! to Component/s in Jira. 

In order to automatically assign Aha! items pushed over to Jira to the right component, I've had to create a custom field in aha! with a pick-list of the component names from Jira. I can map that custom field to to the Component/s field in Jira, and it'll be automatically put in the right place. But, that means I have to set it in Aha. I can do that manually, or with a bulk edit, of course. But it'd be a lot easier and safer to just be able to choose a mapping of Aha Product to Jira Component and be done with it. 

Or, and this is a totally different idea, provide a programmatic way to set custom fields in Aha based on configurable criteria.

This may be a too-specific use case, and I'm open to alternatives or a broader Idea scope.

  • Max Cascone
  • Sep 11 2017
  • Likely to implement
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