Jira 2.0: modify integrations based on templates

In 1.0, when using a template, you could choose what fields/behaviors to inherit from the template, and which to customize for that particular integration. This was useful for custom fields (now using a constant in 2.0) which will change from product to product, so you could un-templatize that field without losing all of the other common settings from the template. 

In 2.0 this seems to have been overlooked, it appears that using a template is an all-or-none approach, you can't customize the templated integrations. 

Please re-implement the ability to customize the use of the templated integrations.

  • Max Cascone
  • Jan 4 2018
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  • Project Parker commented
    January 05, 2018 08:40


    Are you aware of the tick box that enables you to customise at each step of the integration?

    Where it says "Based on template" there is a tick box to the left of it. Click it and you will be able to customise that step of the integration to what you need. So you can change the JIRA project for the 3rd step and then configure the mappings for the 4th step.

    See screenshots.


  • Max Cascone commented
    January 05, 2018 14:57

    @Parker, yes, that's what i describe in my original post. At least, my interpretation of what I was seeing was that when I un-clicked the "based on template" box, the configuration went back to default. With it clicked, I was unable to modify any values. Maybe I missed something, are others able to tweak settings in a templated integration?

  • Admin
    Austin Merritt commented
    January 05, 2018 15:27

    Max, unchecking "Based on template" should not be setting the mappings back to the default. When you uncheck that box, the mappings will stay as they were when based on the template, but allow you to make changes. The main thing to be aware of here is that any changes you make to the template moving forward will not be applied to integrations with this box unchecked. 

  • Max Cascone commented
    January 05, 2018 17:05

    I see. Thanks for the explanation. I liked the way 1.0 handled this, in that you could select what parts of the template to keep and what to tweak. You might say 2.0 is a static template while 1.0 was more like an inheritance model.

  • Admin
    Austin Merritt commented
    January 05, 2018 17:18

    Thank you for the feedback Max. I should also mention that the "Based on template" checkbox applies to each step in the integration independently. So for example, you can leave it checked on the "Configure account" step so the template's username and password still apply and uncheck it on the mappings step to make customizations there. It is not quite as granular as the 1.0 templates but there are still multiple options.