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Created on Sep 2, 2017

Feature and Master Feature Views of Kanban should by sync'd, in line with logic used for the Board views.

When I’m in a Kanban, I can switch easily between Master Feature and Feature (which we call Value Proposition), but I can’t figure out how to sync the name in each side.

If I applied a product name to the saved view (e.g., SCHEDULES – Value Propositions Workflow), the Master Feature still reflects “Master Features Workflow Board”… To change the name, I have to do a “Save As” and it becomes a new Kanban, with my Feature section now reflecting original default settings and the name is Value Propositions Workflow Board. If I want to see the custom config I did for the Value Props, I have to go back to the Features side to look at Saved Views and pull my saved Features version… so I lose the ability to configure both sides and easily move between the two sides.

Aha! response:

These requests came back from engineering with suggestions that we add them to our portal. It seems like both of these are feature enhancement requests. I would like them to be tied to you so you can get updates on their status. If you don't mind, could you submit each as an idea to our idea portal here:

My response:

I will certainly do so… however, it seems a bit odd to consider it a new requirement, given that the toggle implies they should be joined up… and the experience in using the same toggle with the Master Feature function in the Feature Board is that they are joined… When you switch the Product in the Board view, it switches for both the MF and the F view…  

    Jan 15, 2020

    Thanks for the idea!

    When you save a workflow board, it includes all of the available record type workflow boards offered in the drop down menu and the settings you have made in each: Master feature, feature, and requirements.

    You will need to set separate filters across each record selection separately, as you may require different filters at each level. However, as you save the workflow board again, those filters across the records are all saved in the same view.

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