Invert columns and rows on list report

When creating a list report on our competitors, the competitors are placed on the vertical axis and the competitor fields are listed across the horizontal axis. I would love to be able to switch this, with the competitors across the top and fields down the side. This would allow for smaller row heights and make it easier to compare data across companies.

For example, if I have a long list of products for a competitor, I'm stuck doing a lot of scrolling to compare pricing among competitors because the row becomes so tall. If these were swapped, the Products row could be as tall as it wants since I'd be looking straight across the Pricing row to compare prices.

To get around this limitation, I have to export my report to Excel, transpose the table, and adjust all the column widths, which means I lose all of my formatting.

  • Bryan Crist
  • Jul 12 2017
  • Likely to implement
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