Add prefix & ID number to Initiatives list when linking two records

When linking two records (using actions->link to another record) and select "These Initiatives" from the left drop down.

The resulting list is just the name of all of the initiatives.  There is no prefix-## which makes it very hard for teams to associate the initiatives across a Business Unit or Company - especially if two products have the same initiative name - like "Integrate with XYZ Widgets"

All of the other record types "These Ideas" "These Releases" etc... have the Prefix-## before the name.

Please make initiatives match...

  • Devik Lansing
  • Jul 7 2017
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  • Anonymous commented
    July 07, 2017 21:45

    yes, this is odd, seems like a bug.

  • Devik Lansing commented
    14 Feb 19:37

    Why was this (a bug) merged with a completely different idea around managing Initiative workflows?