Ability to Filter on 'Record Links' in List View

We need the ability to report on dependencies for Features as they relate to Initiatives- however, in the Dependency Report, you can't categorize by Initiative (you can only add a data point written next to the Feature names - which is confusing & not visually appealing for presentations/reporting). 

In a list view though, you can view Initiatives > Features > Record Links but there is no way to filter on the type of relationship- as you would in the Dependency Report. Unsure why filtering on this data point is available in one report & not the other. 

  • Robyn Diamond
  • Mar 1 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Robyn Diamond commented
    26 Aug, 2019 02:33pm

    Yes it would be great to filter by relationship type (ex. to see all records with blocked links). Another view that would be helpful is to filter & see records + only Product X linked to it (i.e. filter by the record itself | ex: all Features with a Risk ticket linked)

  • Guest commented
    3 Jul, 2019 08:53pm

    My team has the same need - we’d like to use such a list report, filtered by initiatives/master features/features that are linked to other records, to enable a more focused prioritization conversation across products.  We’re only interested in discussing those items that are impacted by or that impact other products.