on 'add new filter' screen, add tooltip or text to show what record type the filter relates to

If I am filtering for release date, this filter could relate to the release tied to a feature, or to a master feature, or to a initiative, or goal, etc.  If I have a view that has more than one of these data elements, it isn't obvious at all - it is quite ambiguous.  To know which primary record type it will actually use, I need to go to the 'add data' popup to see how the report was constructed, and then derive what my filter is going to do.  Can't have both the 'add filter' and 'add data' popups up at the same time though...

I think it would be really useful if this was displayed somewhere in the ‘add new filter’ popup – i.e. if I select ‘filter by release’, display text somewhere that says ‘release attached to feature’, or ‘release attached to master feature’ depending on what the case was for that particular report. This would avoid a lot of confusion.  Same suggestion holds for other items on the filter screen that could be linked to multiple primary record types, when multiple primary record types are displayed on the report. 

  • Jill Collins
  • Jul 19 2019
  • Future consideration
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