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Created on Aug 1, 2017

Filter initiatives/releases available for linking to only Active items

When I am linking a release or story to an initiative, and over time my initiatives have grown to a list of over 40 initiatives, the list of available initiatives to link to doesn't fit on the screen and contains old initiatives that are no longer applicable.

The same applies to releases.

I would like to have Completed and Abandoned releases and initiatives not show up in the list of available things to link when linking them within stories and releases.  This way only active releases and initiatives, or those within my currently selected product, would be available for selection.

    Aug 1, 2017

    Thank you for your idea. This is currently possible. You can handle this for initiatives using Timeframes. Each initiative can be assigned a timeframe and you can archive timeframes that have past. Initiatives whose timeframes have been archived will be filtered out. This article provides more detail.

    For past releases, if you ship the release it will no longer be included in the list when creating a feature. This article provides more detail on shipping releases.

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