Feature across multiple Phases

I am newbie here and am not sure if my issue already has a known solution - would be grateful if somebody could point me to that...


What am I looking for?

I have a feature which has two different phases - design and development. The start & end dates given in the feature card - do they relate only to one specific phase of the feature or the entirety?

Second, if I have a release with different phases - and the feature has to go through these different phases, can I add it at both the places? Example - if the Release has a design and development phases, can I add the feature to the design phase of the Release when the feature is also in design phase with its relevant start/end dates and also once again to the development phases with that set of start/end dates.

I hope I have made myself clear - I am sorry to be using this forum as a doubt resolution space.

  • Sasank Potturu
  • Apr 9 2018
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  • Admin
    Austin Merritt commented
    09 Apr 16:28

    Hi Sasank, thank you for reaching out. The scenario you outlined above can definitely be handled. You will want to use feature workflows to manage this. This article provides more details and also guidance on customizing your workflows as needed. If you have additional questions, you can reach out to support@aha.io and our Customer Success team (all experiences product managers) will respond quickly. Thanks!