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Edit the Default Workflows Merged

As we are rolling out Aha for a large enterprise I would like to change the default workflow for initiatives to match our corporate workflow so at a minimum we all start out talking the same language and our reports are consistent for our senior leaders who are reviewing our initiative statuses.

Unfortunately, we now have to manually edit every product created to change from the generic Aha! default workflow to the corporate workflow.  You can imagine that if you are uploading data for 100 products this gets rather tedious.   And I can only see products which are using the new workflow - I can't seem to generate a list in the account area that shows me what products are using the default workflows.

Would be wonderful if we could just make the default the real default for our company or at a minimum allow workflows to be inherited (which is the functionality we thought we had)

  • Devik Lansing
  • Jul 6 2017
  • Shipped
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