Searching for a phrase

I can't find a way in Aha search to search for a phrase. E.g. I want to search for the phrase "special feature" but using quotes doesn't work. Is there a way I can do this?

Can search match on an exact phrase rather than individual words?
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  • Mar 27 2017
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  • Maggie Groose commented
    July 26, 2018 15:42

    My related issue is when searching in the Aha search bar, I want to search for "FXXXXX". I know that this value is in a field within one of my ideas, but in the field it is listed as "FXXXXX/USXXXXX". It seems like since it is not a standalone word, it does not show up on the search. When I add a space in front of the /, it does show up in my search. If I search FXXXXX* with an asterisk, it does show up in my search. However, that workaround only works for the text in the first part of the string, and searching USXXXXX* or *USXXXXX does not work.