Reporting on cross product line initiatives

Our company has many product managers and product lines in AHA and sometimes we'll have one product line depend on a delivery for another. AHA lets us model this using initiatives, but it doesn't let us report on it.

The set up we have is


  • Groups of product lines reflecting our org
    • Product A (Managed by me)
    • More products
  • Different group of product lines reflecting our org
    • Product B (Managed by someone else
    • More products

In product line A - I'll start planning an initiative, and that will depend on some features already on Product B's roadmap and scheduled in the future. I can already in AHA mark them as related to my initiative.

Then at our 'big' prioritization discussion I want to pull out of AHA a list of all such cross product line features, but there isn't a way to do it. (I've asked support). The only solution they could suggest was to promote the initiative to root level - but that is impractical as we'd end up with all our product lines initiatives at root in a big & messy pile, breaking the reports we use most (which is strategy roadmaps).

The data for such a report is in your system and is accessible via the AHA API - so as a work around I've written a simple script to pull it from your API, but ideally I'd like this report in a notebook like everything else. That workflow is problematic - as many people using AHA won't be able to use the script.

  • Ben Gidley
  • Mar 10 2017
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Release time frame
  • May 31, 2018

    Admin Response

    We have launched a new Dependency report that allows you to see how work is related by visualizing product relationships across your account in a single, customizable view.

    Check out a few examples of how you can start using the newest Aha! report

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