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Status Likely to implement
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 22, 2016
Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit APP-I-1986 Customize time to show only hours not days.

Capacity Planning in Hours vs. Days Merged

Prevent the conversion of hours into 8-hour working days. Tracking a release by days does not fully meet our needs.

  • Guest
    Jun 20, 2022

    Please please put this up on the priorities list. It is very hard to track progress when days are displayed. I just want to see hours. Related to this, when tracking time, it would be great if the default entry was hours, not days (if you a just type in '2' then 2 days are added and it would be better if that was 2 hours.

  • Sherri Anderson
    Oct 19, 2020

    We need this too because each of our developer and teams velocity differs. Mainly a developer never works 8 hours a day, which does not take into consideration lunch, breaks, meetings, etc.

  • CJ Jacobs
    Sep 30, 2020

    I need this now. Nobody in agile product development works in days. I regularly build reports for Capex reporting and tracking and the days to hours conversion is unnecessary and confusing, and not natural to the thinking of anyone in product or development.

  • Guest
    Jun 30, 2017

    We have a platform of products, all of which we track hours not days.  Doing the conversion is time consuming and difficult to report out to our Executive team as needed.  Please reconsider this for a near-future feature.