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Created by Derek Boriack
Created on Nov 2, 2016

Ideas Portal Engagement Metrics

As a Product Manager newly implementing the Aha! ideas portal I want to track metrics on my stakeholders' (currently internal only but looking to expand externally) engagement with the portal so that I can drive adoption of the portal and create a "community" of stakeholders by using those metrics to incentivize users... somehow. I haven't gotten to the incentives part yet.

I know I'm breaking the rules and focusing on solutions, but I want to give a clear idea of what I'm thinking about.

  • Things like # of ideas created, quality of ideas created (gauged by # of votes on their created ideas), # of comments made, # of votes cast, # of to-do's taken, # of to-do's completed, and # of ideas moved to a certain status (likely to implement or equivalent) are all individual data points that can be captured to gauge customer and stakeholder engagement with the process of driving products forward and producing customer value and delight.
  • These things all carry different weights as far as engagement goes. It's a lot easier and requires less engagement to cast a vote than it does to create an idea that entices other people to vote for it. The ability to weight these metrics based on custom formulas (I think there's already an idea for that?) would be awesome and would allow me to produce an almost scientific view of what essentially becomes an engagement score.
  • Obviously these would need to be reset, so I'd need to figure out how to manage the date ranges. This can probably be handled with existing filtering functionality in reporting.
  • Ultimately I'd want to report, dashboard, and/or notebook that people can see and track where they are on some sort of leader board. I'm toying with the idea of incentivizing people with reserved bandwidth for the non-prioritized enhancement request of the leader's choice or some sort of cash or prize incentive. No set plan for what that looks like, but getting that engagement score is the first step for me.

If there's already a good way to get some or all of this then somebody please point me in the right direction. If not, any portion of this would be valuable to me. I'm not greedy. I can probably figure out a way to do this outside of Aha!, but want to be able to do this IN Aha! because one of the most important values I've found in the product is the amazing amount of transparency it is allowing me to give my stakeholders into the often murky and mystical business of product management.

Loving this product so far.

    Nov 5, 2016

    There are a variety of ways that you can leverage the Reports section of the application to understand. Whether its a simple list report or a pivot report or chart, you can capture the following information around:

    • Number of ideas submitted
    • Quality ideas (based on votes)
      • Filtering ideas by status
      • Reporting on To-dos specific to your ideas.

    Any of these reports can be exported into a notebook so that there's a live view of the information.

    We hope that these areas can help with what you are looking to do.

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