Ability to allocate licenses across my organization's teams

As an organization administrator, I'd like to be able to manage a group of accounts within a single organization. These accounts should operate independently from one another, but I should be able to manage them organizationally. For example, I should be able to acquire licenses for my organization, then I should have the ability to allocate a subset of these licenses to individual teams in my organization so that these teams can then manage the allocated and approved licenses within their team independently of the total.


  • Scott Goldblatt
  • Oct 23 2016
  • Shipped
Release time frame
  • May 11, 2017

    Admin Response

    We have launched a new capability called Paid seat groups for Enterprise+ customers. This allows you to manage your account by allocating licenses and assigning administrators to each team. You can find this new capability in the billing section of your account. Read more about it in our blog post: https://blog.aha.io/manage-aha-licenses-paid-seat-groups/