Search bar with Ideas List

As a PM, I often want to review the ideas list and search for a specific keyword. This is useful when you want to find ideas that relate to a specific topic ... it's then easier to merge ideas and to promote them to a featureĀ 

  • Michel Besner
  • Oct 19 2016
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  • Michel Besner commented
    October 19, 2016 13:21

    ok just found the filter but this is not obvious if you don't know ... having a search bar would make it very seamless and improve usability :-)

  • Admin
    Ron Yang commented
    October 19, 2016 23:50

    Have you seen the global search in the top right corner of the page? This appears directly below your user avatar inside of Aha!

    This allows you to search for ideas (along with any other record type in Aha!). You can then filter down to find exactly what you are looking for.