Add a link from Features > Details page back to Releases > Details page

When I am looking at a particular Feature on the Details tab (e.g. a page of the form:, there is no quick way to link back to the Releases Details tab that this Feature resides in (e.g. a page of the form:

The quickest way I've found to jump between these pages is to find the tab in the horizontal scroll section with the release that you want, click that in order to reach a URL, and then edit the URL to delete the "/features" in order to get to the Release Details page you want. This can be an annoying process when you have lots of releases to scroll through (there is no way to jump to the release you're viewing in that horizontal scroll section) 

Otherwise, you can also navigate via the menu and tabs, but this is also a bit clunky and slow. 



  • Nick Mariette
  • Oct 5 2016
  • Likely to implement
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