Configure multiple release phases templates per product\product line

A product line often has several types of releases that may require different milestones. For example:

  • Sprint releases with planning, development and release milestones released every 2 weeks
  • Beta releases with planning, alpha, training, communication, gradual deployment milestones etc - happens whenever a major product scope is released (once every X sprint releases) 
  • Marketing release with planning, press release, website update, promotion etc - happens several times a year

Each of those releases have different milestones however currently I can only configure phases\milestones on product level which force me to create a separate product line for sprint releases and separate ones for beta and marketing releases. not very efficient.

ideally I'd be able to configure release templates on product level and when creating a new release I'd like to select the release template to be used which will automatically populate the release with relevant phases and milestones.

Above is relevant for release workflows as well but I believe it's in lower priority. 

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  • Sep 1 2014
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