Having different calculation methods on pivot tables by 'row' and 'column'

Currently if you select 'Calculate' method for a pivot table it applies it to both row and column, however this isn't always logical.

In the example of selecting 'difference' you might want the difference at a row level to show difference between 'Feature original estimate' and 'feature logged effort'.  However at the column level I would want to see all the times 'summed' for: 

  • Feature original estimates
  • Feature logged effort
  • Difference summed up

Therefore, could we please be able to control the 'Calculate' on a pivot table for column/row independently.



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  • Sep 21 2016
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  • Ian Carson commented
    September 21, 2016 04:22

    This would be really useful, because as it currently stands it does not make sense logically.