Kanban Board - Custom Swimlanes

Currently swimlanes are by owner which is helpful when micro-managing resources however we group resources into teams and focus features on given teams. It would be nice to support custom fields/groupings on the swimlanes so I could choose how i want to see the content grouped when making decisions.

  • Thor Taylor
  • Aug 12 2016
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  • Guest commented
    August 25, 2017 16:51

    Completely agree with the idea as written.  It would also be useful to include "release" as one of the optional organization principles.  We are using release as themes in a CI/CD environment.  As a result, seeing the board based on theme would be very helpful.

  • Steven Pecchio commented
    January 11, 2018 22:22

    Agreed.  The Kanban board could be very powerful at the macro level but the fixed swimlanes are limiting  

  • Tom Gimpel commented
    January 26, 2018 17:06

    The current choice of using swimlanes is not particularly helpful when you have many possible contributors and few actually assigned work. Ideally the capability to removing the swimlane altogether would be a better option. The abiltiy to configure it would be useful but I'd be happy just turning it off and creating a true Kanban. 

  • Admin
    Chris Waters commented
    January 26, 2018 17:47

    Tom, if you click the "Configure" button on the Features -> Workflow screen you can choose the users who should appear in your view. This can be used to hide the other swimlanes. There is also a little (x) next to each name on the workflow screen that you can use to remove them one by one.

  • Tom Gimpel commented
    January 26, 2018 18:57

    Thanks, Chris. True but that doesn't remove the swimlane which is what I was asking for. The features can be configured to display the assignee, so we don't see a need for a swimlane by user. 

  • Alex Knight commented
    May 18, 2018 16:55

    if we are talking about the "workflow" board for features, then I would like this too!  I was just looking for a way to define swimlanes by something other than assignee (e.g. Product).

  • Guest commented
    June 21, 2018 17:22

    The ability to customize swimlanes in the workflow view is critical for agile/SAFe product managers who are using Program Kanban boards to capture stakeholder requests, prioritize and visualize WIP before pushing features to team backlogs. 

  • Guest commented
    June 22, 2018 15:59

    This would be great. The same automations that happen between requirements and features would be helpful to have between features and master features to cut down on manually having to manage/update. Any program manager / product manager who is trying to stay at the 'master feature' or 'epic' level will find this beneficial. After all, the ability to create visibility at this level while connecting different development tools is why I was drawn to Aha! 

  • Guest commented
    October 08, 2018 14:20

    Bumping for attention!

  • Joe Andreana commented
    November 07, 2018 21:47

    Hello All -

    This will help us manage however, we deem fit. 

    Is it possible to look at the potential to customize the "Y" axis of the workflow? We use SAFe and have the value Class of Service which is a custom field. We would like have the ability to set the swimlane to this custom value rather than the person.

    Currently, we are using a Pivot and having to either click three or four times to move the story along or click into multiple reports when having a standup.

    This is increasing the amount of time that we spend on a standup as the pivot does not allow you to drag and drop across the Kanban board.


    Can we move this prioritization of this request up so that we can be more efficient and save time from updating a tool and doing more communication and development.

  • David Vins commented
    November 08, 2018 22:44

    Yes! Swimlanes should be configurable based any any field; with a default.

  • Lowell H commented
    01 Apr 22:46

    Absolute "must have" for anyone working at scale. (SAFe for example.) We don't work at the user level but at the team and program level.  Rows could be product, product line, or even priority.  Limiting to users just doesn't work for us. Redirecting folks to a pivot table is not a valid option: incredibly hard to use/read, can't drag and drop, etc.

  • Fejj Rettamtierts commented
    09 May 15:18

    I second the motion

  • Michael Toose commented
    22 May 04:59

    I am with the below suggestions re swimlanes 'by release'. I don't find 'by user' that useful. 

  • Katie Tokarz commented
    07 Jun 18:52

    Agree with all the comments here.  Our company is using the SAFe framework, which relies heavily on the use of Kanban boards, but the swimlane by user makes the board limited in value.  The ability to customize swimlanes, or not have to use swimlanes at all on the workflow board within features, would be very beneficial.

  • Marina Reyna commented
    11 Jun 18:14

    Could we also include enhancements mentioned in https://big.ideas.aha.io/ideas/AFPR-I-7769

  • matt lenning commented
    26 Jun 00:09

    This would be an amazing feature to have, and would make our teams work so much more efficient and increase adoption of the Aha! tool.


    We're running programs, and have large teams so being able to have a Kanban style board, without defined swim lanes, or being able to custom define them, would make a monumental difference to our work. We're running scrum at scale in a very large company. Dozens of teams, and each team has dozens of individuals who contribute.


    It's honestly frustrating that the tool doesn't have a function to do this already, and focuses so much on the micro-managing detail. Pivot tables to try to view this information are incredibly difficult to work with, and we almost have to revert to using another application just to update/plan our sprints because this doesn't have it.

  • Allison Lanager commented
    02 Jul 20:18

    Even the ability to turn off the swimlanes would be beneficial, it's quite messy as it is.

    I really like the Initiative workflow view -- simple and clean, and if you want more detail you click and dig in.