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Created by Melina Barreca
Created on May 31, 2016

Shipping a release should ship the features attached

When creating a release, features are "attached" to the release.  When the work is complete, shipping the release should automatically update the features to a status of Shipped instead of requiring someone to update each feature and the release.

    Feb 12, 2020

    We are excited to announce a new automation capability for Enterprise+ customers. Automation rules can be used to streamline a variety of tasks in Aha!, including updating statuses.

    In this case you will want to create a release automation rule like this

    • When the release status is 'shipped' > Set feature statuses to 'shipped'

    To run this rule, use the status dropdown on the release instead of the 'ship release' option. The 'ship release' capability will continue to use our standard automation where the incomplete features will move on the another release.

    Learn more and get started!

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  • Admin
    Kelly Sebes
    Jan 10, 2020

    Good news! When a release is shipped using the 'Ship release' button, any feature in 'Ready to ship' is automatically updated to 'Shipped'. Note - If the release status is changed with the status dropdown instead, this automation does nor occur. We will keep this idea open for further automation in this area.

  • Skip Gorski
    Dec 11, 2019

    I agree with Rachel! Any issue in a "Ready to Ship" status should automatically move to "Shipped" when the corresponding release is shipped. And not doing so causes unnecessary work. If there is concern that some users may not want to automate this (although I'm not sure why that would be the case), you can always make it optional. But not offering this time-saving automation makes the process clunky and the product feel "incomplete".

  • Rachel Clements
    May 30, 2017

    Features become ready to ship at different times.

    I don't have an problem with updating each individual feature to 'ready to ship'.

    However, when I ship a release, I don't think it is unnatural to expect all features that are 'ready to ship ' will be automatically moved to 'shipped'.

    I understand that some features in a release may not ship with the release - but they won't be in a 'ready to ship' state, will they? So automatically move the 'ready to hip' features to 'shipped' when their release is shipped, and raise the outstanding issues in the release (that aren't marked as 'ready to ship')  for the user to resolve.

    That makes more sense that the user spending half a day painfully dozens of individual features to 'shipped' just so they can ship the release and not mess their reports up.