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Created by Aron Seidman
Created on Oct 5, 2016

Shipping a Release should automatically ship features that are "ready to ship"

We have shipped releases where all the features were marked ready to ship and thought they were all shipped, only to discover later they were still in a "ready to ship" state, which adversely affected our reporting.

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  • Aron Seidman
    Oct 6, 2016

    Hi Chris,

    We do have a custom feature workflow, but we left the "status category" for "Ready to Ship" set to "Done". Bug?

  • Admin
    Chris Waters
    Oct 6, 2016

    When a release is shipped, all features that have a workflow status with an "Status category" of "Done" will be moved to the workflow status with a "Status category" of "Shipped". For the default feature workflow this will make all "Ready to Ship" features into "Shipped". I am wondering if you have a custom workflow and do not have the status category for your custom workflow statuses set appropriately.