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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Features
Created by Guest
Created on May 21, 2016

Add a parking lot for Shipped Releases

As i find myself shipping off new releases it would be nice to store all 'shipped' release builds into a parking lot style banner on the left-side of the screen in the Features Board screen. This would allow quick and easy access to completed releases or historical information.

    May 26, 2016

    Thank you for the request. There are a couple places where you can easily access Shipped releases. The Release Details page allows you to easily access and view Shipped Releases. You could also create a report to display it with any filters or format that you would like.

    Based on the existing workarounds, at this time, we don't have plans to store shipped releases in a parking lot style but hope that you can achieve the same goal through the suggestions above.

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Ability to scroll thru prior months in the feature card view

Specifically in the feature card view, I am unable to view prior months. I can only view current month moving forward. I'd like to view prior shipped items in previous months without switching my view.
Guest over 6 years ago in Features 0 Unlikely to implement