Default feature due date

Adding a feature directly to a release sets "start date = today" and due date in +5 days.  I'd like to either change the default days that are set - or better still set it to the Release/Ship Date.  At the moment the +5 days pushes out my release/ship date.  Annoying to have to keep fixing it.

  • David Behr
  • Mar 28 2016
  • Future consideration
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  • Mike Lattiak commented
    25 Feb 01:33pm

    Would definitely love this for due dates.  Our features always have due dates equal to the last day of the release they are in, so being able to automatically calculate that whenever we move features around would save a lot of time and frustration.  Currently we have to open up the 'due date' field every time and pick the date.   

  • Jörg Kortmann commented
    27 Jun, 2019 09:59pm

    I fully agree to David Behr's comment above that the current behavior is very annoying when adding numerous features and each and every one gets loaded with a hardcoded default that cannot be changed. Not quite the flexibility that Aha offers in most places. In this case it means that a large number of repetitive and wasteful actions need to be taken over and over again.

  • Jan Rutger Voorhorst commented
    1 May, 2018 08:02am

    Please could you add a setting for default number of days for a feature and default due date in number of days from today? For us it should be ok to add a one day feature on today, since I use the releases window a lot for entering a lot of features. Now I have to drag and resize every feature.