Multi select drop down box custom field

I want to add a multi-select custom field to the ideas portal but I can't currently do so. We use the Ideas Portal as a mechanism for internal people to request new features they need for client implementations and need a multiselect so they can choose from a list of benefits to the business.  I know the 5 options I want to give people in a drop down box and I’m happy for them to select as many as apply (although they must select at least one). Ideally, the selection would be via a multi-select checkbox (like applying labels in gmail) but I could live with “Ctrl +” then selecting each option. 

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  • Feb 23 2016
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  • Feb 23, 2016

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    This can be achieved through the "Pre-defined tags field." You can set a pre-defined list of choices and allow users to select multiple values.

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    February 23, 2016 17:40

    Thanks for getting back to me.  Justin showed me the work around you're referring too and it's not a great solution from a UX perspective - I don't want to confuse people by creating tags when they select options from a drop down box... just seems odd which is exactly what I don't need when I'm already struggling with user adoption.  Hence why I requested a multi-select drop down box - it's a common field type so hopefully you can add it to your backlog.

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    February 23, 2016 17:41

    And just noticed you changed the status to "already exists" - grateful if you could change back to "needs review" as per my previous comments!

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    April 19, 2016 17:00

    I agree, this is a terrible workaround and is not clear to the user. A simple multi-select would be much more useful.