User Stories should inherit possible goals from the Epics/Initiatives they belong to

As a startup, we are building our roadmap from the top down. This means we are first setting goals for each product, then defining the epics that will help us achieve each goal. Finally, we break it down into the detailed user stories to complete each epic.

If you follow the Aha flow, you can select one or more Goals when you define each Epic. From the Epic, you define User Stories. User Stories do not inherit the Goals from their Epic. This presents multiple points of confusion and inconsistency. 

- Even though you define a goal for each epic, you MUST repeat this on the User Story, else any pivot report on Goals > Epics > User Story will show blanks for goals.

- When you do go to choose a goal for your user story, it does not enforce a selection based on the goals of the Epic. This means you could have an Epic with Goals A, B, C but a User Story with Goal D. That doesn't make sense! The user stories within an epic should support 1 or more of the goals of the epic overall (i.e. D should not appear as an option on the User Story if it's not a Goal of the Epic).


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  • Jan 6 2016
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