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Status Future consideration
Categories Pivotal Tracker
Created by Christopher M
Created on Mar 25, 2021

Pivotal Stories added to Epics converted to Requirements in Features

The Pivotal integration is good, but fails to capture a common case for us. Our teams often add new Stories to Epics that are essentially Requirements on the corresponding Feature. We track progress through these Stories/Requirements.

Right now, the only way to sync these is to manually enter them back into Aha. Once we do that, we have to manually keep track of when they're completed in Pivotal.


In our specific case, we're a science shop and a lot of our product development is driven by experiments, many of which aren't known when we first create a Feature and its initial Requirements/To-Dos. The scientists add new experiments to their Epics via Stories. Experiments are how we track progress towards a Feature. It'd be great to have the ones added in Pivotal reflected back as Requirements in Aha.

Syncing Stories to To-Dos would also be an equivalent solution. The important part of this Idea is to have Stories added to Epics in Pivotal reflected back to Aha via Requirements or To-dos and have their status reflect the status of the Requirement/To-do.

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