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Status Shipped
Categories Ideas
Created by Jake Spirek
Created on Dec 3, 2015

Make the "Created by portal user:" filter (and ones like it) searchable!

Currently the  "Created by portal user:" filter is basically impossible to use if you have more than a few portal users. It's not in any order and you can't search within it.

Also would be helpful to have a "NOT" option just like all the other filters should have so you can do a negative search, like only show the ones not created by this user or these users (i.e. wanting to filter out the ones created by users of a certain domain).

    Nov 12, 2019

    This idea's status was out of date and has now been updated to 'shipped'. The report filters for 'Created by' columns are now searchable within the filter dropdown. It is also possible to configure the filters as 'not' by using the advanced filter option.

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