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Created on Oct 12, 2015

Order of Features


Attached is a template I created for my programs. Is there any way that the order of the features do not change, regardless of what date I put in? Right now, I have many features to track, and I had to purposely set a date so that it appears to follow in the order I want it to. However, when I update a date for a feature, it would appear in the order based on that date, and I have a hard time finding it and makes it hard for me to plan.

I would request that the order of the features is baked in and do not change, regardless of what date I put in. Aha should allow this option for users to choose whether they want to order updated based on the date, or based on the order they want it to flow. I have 80+ features to track, and it really impacts productivity to have to find the feature.


    Jan 16, 2020

    We just gave the Gantt chart a major upgrade. Get ready for a fresh look, smoother experience, new master features view, and more.

    This new experience now includes the ability to drag and drop to re-order records however you need. Once features have been re-ordered you can save your view to maintain the custom order. Any changes to dates will not impact the order you had set in the saved view.

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  • Brandon Line
    Nov 3, 2015

    I would add that wherever features manifest in other views - e.g. inside an Initiative - they need to be sorted by rank (or the ability to choose the sort) instead of simply alphabetically.

    Additionally, it would be awesome to manage feature prioritization globally, independent of releases.

    I am trying to get buy-in from others on my product team to adopt Aha; that was a source of confusion during a discussion today.


  • Ron Yang
    Oct 12, 2015

    This is a good idea and a feature that we plan to implement in the future. However, we will need to take a closer look at the implementation requirements. This is a complex request as it impacts the structure of the Release Roadmap screen, and also touches the sorting of features on other pages (feature board, feature details view).