Copying a release - phase to-do's are copied in reverse order

We are creating release 'templates' within each product with pre-set phases, milestones and to-dos. We then copy that release for each new release so standard action items are automatically created.

When adding to-do's to a phase or milestone, I add them in chronological order (no associated dates, but some items obviously come first).. Aha displays the last one entered at the top of the list.

However, when I copy that release, the order of those to-dos are reversed so that the last one entered in now at the bottom of the list. Adding dates forces them into the right order, but it would be helpful to retain that same chronological order in both the template and the copy.

I've only tested this within phases and milestones, not sure if this applies to to-dos created at the release level.
  • Chris Waters
  • Aug 26 2015
  • Likely to implement
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