All saved views to be shared with individual users rather than product teams

Would it be possible to allow saved views, especially at a report level to be saved with individuals who can see/make changes rather than just product teams.  Some times there could be execute views/reports we create that we only want certain members across all products to see and can't currently do that.  Would assist greatly as the only way I can do this now is create the view, save it as private and then share the settings for others to copy and save for themselves too.

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  • Sep 23 2015
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  • Jan 22, 2016

    Admin Response

    There is a workaround for this which can be achieved through product permissions.

    You can create a product which only some team members have access to. When creating the report, you can share it with this specific product.

    Based on this workaround, we will mark this idea as already exists.

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  • Joe Carpenter commented
    April 14, 2016 21:50

    This doesn't exist and the workaround, to create additional products, is not suitable and would result in additional issues with ensuring that this 'product' doesn't show up in additional reports or Roadmaps.

    Please reconsider

  • Christina Wongbuphanimitr commented
    September 01, 2016 18:45

    We would like to provide more requirements for this feature as we would like it as well. It would be more convenient if we can share with individual(s) vs product teams. For our case, we want each regional lead to  have a curated view and cannot see/make changes to data (from other regions) not in the restricted filter view. That individual can also add report to their notebook, which can contain other reports from other products. This would avoid the regional lead from creating multiple reports not align with the global plan