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Support different Teams in the TFS integration Merged

We have several development teams on our product, and each has their Team defined under a single TFS Project.  It looks like the current TFS integration can only push features to the default team (which is associated with the Project itself).  Each team has their own workspace in TFS and can only see features created within that team space.  However, in Aha, all those features are under the same Product.  So, I'd like to be able to send features from Aha to different Teams in TFS, depending on the story.  Maybe a field on the feature that pulls the list of Teams in the TFS Project?

The TFS configuration should allow the administrator to specify a subset of the Teams available for selection in Aha.  For example, our company shares one project, so my product teams are mixed in with the others, and I don't want to see the other teams in the drop-down on my features in Aha.

I don't see a way for our product (or any other with multiple Teams) to take advantage of the integration to TFS without this capability.

  • Jonathon Leeke
  • Sep 9 2015
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  • Jonathon Leeke commented
    September 09, 2015 19:59

    There are also cases where a product only has 1 development team, in which case, they may not want to have to pick the Team value every time.  In that case, it should be defined as part of the Integration setup as to which Team in TFS every story should go to (for that Aha Product).

  • Chris Martin commented
    September 09, 2015 20:50

    Very important for us as well.

  • Jonathon Leeke commented
    October 08, 2015 19:16

    I've researched this a little more and found that the Team a work item can view is really dependent on which Iterations and Area paths that team owns.  So, really what we need here is to be able to set those values on the features and stories.  Having a single area path for the entire product doesn't make sense.  It will depend on the feature.  And the iteration path is akin to a sprint, but could also be broken out by other factors.  I'd suggest having iteration defined on the feature or story, but have it default a value based on the Release in which it was created.

    So, my original request is not quite right and should probably be converted to a different idea to avoid confusion.  I have another idea for this more accurate request...