Ability to set Aha field to a constant value as part of integration field mappings

My scenario is that I have each Aha product linked to multiple different projects in Team Foundation Server (TFS), and I want the features in Aha that come from TFS to have a field indicating what TFS project they came from. But I can’t find a way to set an Aha field to a constant value (or to the TFS project name) as part of the integration field mappings. I see a way to set a TFS field to a constant value, but not an Aha field. This seems like a strange omission in otherwise a really flexible and awesome integration. 

Currently the workaround involves creating a custom field in TFS, which is a pain because TFS is much more of a pain to customize than Aha, especially since we have a lot of TFS projects that we'd have to add the field to one by one. 

  • Tessa Adair
  • Jan 18 2019
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  • Ben Thompson commented
    07 Feb 00:27

    I have a similar problem, in that I want to set a particular constant Type on all features created in Trello.

  • Ben Kloester commented
    28 Feb 06:46

    I have a similar setup with a product across multiple Github projects - I want to be able to set a custom field Component with a constant value per project/integration.

  • Michael Stewart commented
    07 Apr 17:45

    I agree, I think I have a potential-duplicate submission in AFPR-I-7552

  • Michael Stewart commented
    07 Apr 17:47

    I arrived here trying to accomplish this as a workaround for not being able to use integrations as filters for reports and views.