Integration with Microsoft TFS (Team Foundation Server)

Our company uses TFS for all of our development.  An integration with TFS would be incredible.

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  • Oct 9 2014
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  • Jun 10, 2015

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    We have shipped the first version of our TFS integration. 

    Note that this integration uses the new REST API for TFS which currently only works with Visual Studio Online. Microsoft plan to include this API in Visual Studio 2015 for on-premise use too. We will support that when it is available.

    Please vote on the idea for Visual Studio 2015 integration here:

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    Chris Waters commented
    October 09, 2014 21:03

    We are working on an integration with TFS at the moment. We are integrating with the Visual Studio online version of TFS. What version do you use?

    How would you like to see Aha! integrated with TFS? How should the Aha! releases, features and requirements map to work items to match your workflow?

    Regards, Chris.

  • Preston Law commented
    November 06, 2014 16:47

    If features can match up to TFS PBIs and requirements to TFS SBIs that would be wonderful  

  • Rich Titus commented
    November 07, 2014 03:04

    TFS integration would be a huge benefit.  Licensing and user account management are two big concerns we have.  Aha! has enhanced our SDLC by giving Product Management the tools they need to manage ideas and scheduling.  Beyond TFS integration, if we could manage Aha! access with our Windows domain, it would simplify a lot of pesky user account management issues we face when we add new products and gain new users.

    I would vote for this if I could.... I do not see a control to add my vote, or a reason why I do not have access to the option :)

  • Rich Titus commented
    November 07, 2014 03:05

    figure out voting :) my vote has been cast!

  • Wendell Layne commented
    November 26, 2014 12:30

    I'm currently checking out the trial version and very impressed so far. The feature set is awesome, but integrating with TFS would make this product even greater. We are using Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 for development and have put a great deal of work into creating features and backlog items. It would be nice to pull those features and PBIs into Aha! rather than recreate and manage them in two systems. I would be willing to bet there are many organizations looking to fill the gap created by TFSs lack of product management capabilities with tools like Aha!  Merging the two together creates an end to end solution. I'd also add this integration would push me over the edge and convert me into a paying customer :)

  • Paul de Grijp commented
    November 29, 2014 10:22

    Yes. Integration with on premise Team Foundation Server 2013 would be most helpful!

  • Guest commented
    December 18, 2014 03:05

    I really like what I've seen from Aha so far, but I'd have to have on-premise TFS 2013 support to be able to become a paying customer. I can't afford to be able to manage backlogs/features/requirements, etc., in two tools -- and TFS isn't going away in our organization. I haven't had enough time with the trial (and won't any time soon) to be able to give specific mappings, but in general we'd need tight integration to the backlog, and its associated features, backlog items and bugs, along with key fields like Assigned To, Tags, Effort, Iteration/Area path (used to assign to dev teams), acceptance criteria, etc. Ideally syncing could be done either way.

  • Guest commented
    December 18, 2014 03:11


    • Some way of affecting TFS backlog prioritization from Aha would also be advantageious and would reduce the need for product owners to have to go into TFS.
    • Forgot to mention comment syncing and attachments to PBIs and Bugs.

    Again, our goal would be one tool for Product Owners that syncs to the one tool the developers use.

    Hope I'm not asking for too much. :)

  • Guest commented
    January 05, 2015 20:54

    Definitely need on premise integration support - thanks Jeremy

  • Chuck Stoner commented
    January 13, 2015 14:53

    Integration with TFS on premise is a requirement for us to consider Aha!. Without it, Aha! would just add to the multiplicity of tools we have requiring repetitive entry of data.

  • Tui Allen commented
    January 15, 2015 18:37

    Hi Chris, Can you share what you know about Microsoft's targeted timeline? Thanks, Tui

  • James Gilbert commented
    February 24, 2015 19:18

    I need it.

  • Carsten Marx commented
    May 05, 2015 11:55

    Really important for us!


    How is your internal timeline to support TFS integration on-premise?

  • Russell Giroux commented
    June 10, 2015 19:25

    This is a barrier to rolling out Aha! to a larger audience in our organization.

  • Admin
    Suzanne Vaughan commented
    June 10, 2015 20:35

    For anyone who is asking for on-premise integration, please vote on the idea here: Note: Until Microsoft makes an API available we are not able to provide an integration. We plan to add it as soon as the API is available. Thank you.

  • Chad Phillippi commented
    July 31, 2015 23:23 

    It's here, Suzanne... where is Aha with this??