Allow "Watchers" on Initiatives

Initiatives are integral to understanding the context of features, and the initiatives evolve and are commented on. But nobody is informed of these changes (unless you personally comment, and then only on that thread) because there is no way to follow the initiative. This is a huge gap in being able to keep up with material that is actively being worked on.

Please allow "watchers" on initiatives.

  • Derek Bambach
  • Jul 17 2015
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  • Guest commented
    25 Jul, 2016 04:35pm

    Yeah it's really important to know when these get updated, as we frequently rely on their accuracy and have a lot of people who could update them. 

  • Guest commented
    12 May, 2016 12:51pm

    This is a major problem for us. Most of what holds all of our products together and the collaboration on the initiative level is very critical. Can you clarify what's the expected delivery date on this as I see this is "planned"?