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Kanban Board - Show Subtasks Merged

Subtasks can have a status/stage in the workflow, but don't appear in the appropriate swimlane. This decreases the value of the Kanban board -- for example, I can't see which subtasks are in a given stage (at a glance). The option for a "subtask view" or (something like that) would make the Kanban board a JIRA replacement for us. 

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  • Jul 8 2015
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  • Guest commented
    July 09, 2015 14:22

    Our developers use the workflow board to track more granular progress, appropriate for requirements, but they can use the workflow board to change status easily.

  • Steven Brand commented
    July 21, 2015 11:14

    We are in the process of setting up our Aha!/JIRA integration and this is a requirement for us to use the Aha! Kanban board within scrums. "subtask view" would be an ideal solution.

  • Stephanie Ross commented
    January 08, 2016 05:59

    Yes please! Loving Kanban in Aha, this would be brilliant.

  • Matthew Malter Cohen commented
    August 09, 2016 01:14

    Would you be able / willing to share when this might be implemented? Our devs would LOVE to use this and it would immensely aid adoption.

  • Hao Liu commented
    February 20, 2018 19:12

    Yes! Being able to see "requirements" (Aha term) or "subtasks" (JIRA term) in the features workflow / kanban board would be amazing, so we can just use Aha to manage all the engineering work. Thank you.