Don't require Admin permission to create Products or Product Lines

As an Admin, I need to control who has a Paid Seat or not, to control costs. However, if a user has a Paid Seat, I don't care if they create Product Lines or Products, and I don't want to have to create the Product Lines and Products for them. For me to create the Product Lines and Products is just another step that I have to do, and I end up becoming the bottleneck. There is no reason to limit who can create Product Lines and Products beyond the fact that they have a Paid Seat.

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  • Jun 8 2015
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    Chris Waters commented
    June 08, 2015 20:55

    Any product owner can create new products using the + menu in the top right corner of the UI.

    However only an administrator can create product lines. This is a conscious choice because the organization of product lines is critical to groups being successful using Aha! so we want to ensure that product lines cannot be created or reorganized by most users.

  • Guest commented
    June 08, 2015 20:59

    I can understand not wanting to allow someone to go reorganize a product line that they don't have permissions on. 


    However, with a large organization, when I get someone on board, I want to give them a Paid Seat, and allow them to create an initial Product or Product Line themselves and let them manage it right away. 

    I would rather not have to ask them to tell me what name for their Product Line, and have to create it for them.

    This creates a bottleneck in a large organization.