Allow bulk adding features to releases Portfolio view from the Features Board, not just from the Features List (by bulk adding to phases)

Right now, when you are adding in a list of features to a release within the Features Board, you'd think that the features would be automatically added to the release Gantt Chart in Release Portfolio, but they aren't.

I can't think of a real use case for that, but I"m sure Aha has users who need this.

The problem is that it's not apparent how to get the 50+ features you just typed in to show up in the releases.

The requests here are:

1. Add a checkbox to the 'Create Feature' dialog that says "Add to release", with default checked.

2. To make it obvious that you need to add features to the release Gantt Chart, from within the Features Board - having to discover the bulk edit feature is asking a lot.

Here are some screen shots on how to make this work within your existing UI:


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  • Jun 3 2015
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  • Jonathon Leeke commented
    July 30, 2015 17:02

    Totally agree.  I didn't even realize initially that you could view features on the Gantt chart, since those links don't even show until you hover!  Now I'm seeing that you have to add every feature individually, ugh!  It would be much better if they would automatically be added and then you can remove them.  Or have a filter to show/hide features.  I don't want to have to manually add every single feature to the release portfolio chart.

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    Ron Yang commented
    November 21, 2015 03:06

    This is possible today. At the bottom of the Release, by hovering over, you'll see the options to add features. You can add existing features, and clicking this link will present a modal with the option to easily add all existing features to specific release phases.