Integrate analytics to features for success criteria tracking

We utilize Splunk to track client utilization of features.  We track the impact of releases on DAU, MAU, and specific features - i.e. did this enhancement increase the utilization fo feature X.  Would be great to have the feedback loop to development - also for experimentation (release 2 versions of a feature - see which has the better impact).

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  • Apr 13 2015
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  • Jan 14, 2016

    Admin Response

    We agree that this level of integration would be valuable to capture and be able to track in full circle.

    We plan to mark as likely to implement for tracking purposes, but note that it will likely be much further out on the roadmap.

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  • Vedran Blazanovic commented
    October 25, 2016 17:50

    An added thought to this Idea...

    Adding integrations for multiple Analytics tools such Google, New Relic, Heap etc. could provide easier insight for PM's on their Products and Releases. I envision this to be similar to the Salesforce/Ideas portal integration but in reverse. Instead of a window in the other application, there's an embedded window from the tracking tools or saved report into Aha!. By adding more stickiness to Aha! a PM would not have to leave the tool to get a quick view of their key metrics.

    Additionally, if this integration was structured in a way where the Analytics data comes into an Aha! custom data field, Reports and Notebooks could be used for leadership and other stakeholder insights.

    From a qualitative data perspective, this metric integration could be expanded to include survey data from Survey Monkey, Qualtrics and others for even more greater reporting within Aha!.