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Created on Feb 13, 2017

As a product manager I want to capture the tasks of my users and the results of user studies and link them to my planned features

The main goal of this feature request is capture user task descriptions and usability findings from user studies, and link them to planned features, such that I can stop speculating which feature will have an impact on my product and start measuring it!

Capture User Tasks

For each persona, allow me to define any number of tasks that the person in the role of the persona wants to perform using my product. These tasks should consist of a goal, a pre-condition, a list of actions, and a post-condition.

Capture Usability Findings

Let me capture user study reports by defining the date, the user who was tested, and a list of findings from the test. Each finding can be linked to one or more tasks of one or more personas and optionally to one or more features that have been implemented.

Link User Tasks to Features

Any planned feature can be linked to one or more tasks of one or more personas, allowing me to track who will benefit from adding the feature.

    Jul 22, 2022

    Some of our customers are leveraging custom fields and custom tables.

    On your Persona, you can create Custom fields to capture your User Tasks.

    For Enterprise+ customers, we provide the ability to create Custom tables to capture information that might be more unique to your organization. You can create a Personas custom field in your table to link them accordingly.

    You can also create a Personas custom field on your features to link this information together.

    Upon setting this up, this will also allow you to generate reports with this information.

    Please note that Custom tables is advanced functionality and is only available in our Enterprise+ plan. If this is of interest and you are looking for help in setting this up, please feel free to contact our Customer Success team at support @

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