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Created by Kanchan Pasricha
Created on May 23, 2019

Allow us to skip mapping all workflow option field in Jira to aha!

aha to jira workfow mapping is challenging due to nature of customization that is available on both sides. In order to make this work we have had to adopt a one way Jira to aha flow . however we do not want to replicate the exact Jira workflows in aha for every project in our organization as it will create >10 or more workflows - We have standardized the aha workflows to 1 but we need to allow Dev teams to manage this based on what works best for that team. Also the fact that Jira requires certain transitions which we dont have in aha - we have to stick to a 1 way jira to aha flow

Having said that - we do not want select workflows from Jira to map to Aha. We want the ability to leave them unmapped . It critical to allow the flexibility that dev teams need w/o impacting the Offering managers workflow

    May 24, 2019

    Thank you for your idea. It is currently possible to leave Jira workflow values unmapped. The attached screenshot shows an example of how this will look when mapped (see the Done status on the Jira side.) To map your workflows like this:

    1. Click Configure next to the Status mapping

    2. Next drag the statuses you wish to leave unmapped to the bottom of the list. This will map them to the last Aha! status.

    3. Move the last Aha! status up one spot and this will leave the Jira statuses unmapped.

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