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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Roadmaps
Created by Max O.
Created on Apr 12, 2021

Allow for two-way mapping to Jira with Initiatives

Many of our product team don't understand why we can't map the Initiative field to a custom field in Jira and have it populate in Aha from the Jira ticket. It seems unintuitative because all of the other linked fields we use can be populated from Jira.

We use the Strategic roadmaps as our primary view, so this results in those users often having to log into Aha just to update this one field to ensure things are kept in sync.

    Nov 29, 2021

    Currently, there are two ways you can map initiatives from Aha! to Jira:

    1. You can add the initiative as a field mapping on the appropriate Aha! record (e.g. feature or epic). This will be a one-way mapping from Aha! to Jira and any changes made in Jira will not reflect back in Aha!

    2. We have recently improved the integration to allow for customers who have a corresponding initiative issue type in Jira through Advanced Roadmaps. Now you can add a record mapping and links to relationship on the appropriate Aha! record. This will be a bi-directional mapping so updates made in Jira will be reflected in Aha!

    Given the available capabilities, we do not have plans to implement this idea. We hope you understand.

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