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Status Unlikely to implement
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Created by Guest
Created on Mar 27, 2019

A way to retrieve all the fields, including custom fields, and metadata for an item type (eg. Feature) using REST.

Field information would ideally include the type of the field (string, number, drop down, etc.), and properties such as if it is a required field or read only field. This would allow the integration to know what fields are available when creating, retrieving or updating items.

    Apr 1, 2019

    Thank you for your idea. This is not that straightforward since most fields are sometimes read-only and sometimes editable depending on the permission level of the user. We may be able to offer guidance on how to handle this. Please send an email with more details on your use case to

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  • Guest
    Jul 13, 2019

    Metadata retrieval for all fields available for a resource is fairly standard in most of the API's I use (in particular, Jira, which is what we integrate with Aha!). Currently, the only way I have found to retrieve field metadata used in Aha! is to actually query an existing product (or feature, requirement, etc.) and read the properties individually from the returned JSON.

    Problem is, if there is no existing item of that type, for instance, a requirement, absolutely no data is returned showing which fields are available. I don't like the idea of creating a hack to get the metadata because it is not 100% reliable. A method for retrieving metadata for all fields would be a very useful addition.